Tuesday, March 25, 2008

On Cheney’s Visit to Israel

US Vice-President Dick Cheney Meeting with
IDF chief Yadlin (left), Israeli Defense Minister Barak,
and Israeli Military Intelligence Chief Yadlin
Tel Aviv . 23 March 2008
(AP Photo)

US Vice-President Dick Cheney met in Tel Aviv on Monday with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. This was the second meeting between the two during Cheney’s visit to Israel. Jerusalem Post reported today that diplomatic officials in Israel speculate that the focus of the meetings was Iran’s nuclear program.

One diplomatic source told Jerusalem Post that Iran was the “central issue” in Cheney-Olmert talks.

Fueling the speculations that Cheney’s trip to Israel was mainly linked to Iran’s nuclear program and the ways to stop it, the vice president held talks on Sunday in Tel Aviv with Israeli defense minister, the commander of Israeli military, and Israel’s military intelligence chief.

The Prime Minister's Office, which generally puts out a statement after Olmert meets with a world figure of Cheney's stature, was mum about the content of the meetings, said Jerusalem Post.

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