Friday, March 28, 2008

Surge in Iraqi Violence and Iran

US President George Bush said today that success in Iraq is important to send a “clear message” to Iran's leaders that they cannot “have their way” with other countries in the Middle East.

Yesterday, the president had accused Iran of arming, training and funding the insurgents in Basra involved in the new surge of violence during the past five days.

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman today called the accusations “groundless and boring.”

Meanwhile, heavy fighting in Basra and other southern Iraqi cities continued today. The Mahdi Army has reportedly seized the control of town of Nasiriyah, northwest of Basra. Nasiriyah’s governor was a member of SCIRI. The seizure of the town would be a major defeat for Hakim’s SCIRI, Al Maliki’s Dawa party, and the government forces.


Joseph Sixpack said...

I would love to see JAM establish a stronghold in Nasariyah. Get settled in. Set up some offices. Stay there instead of Sadr City or Basra. That way, they will provide a nice fat target for the GOI and MNF to crush them, Fallujah-style, in a Shia locale where there is no fear of stoking sectarian violence.

Nader Uskowi said...

Very good point!