Thursday, October 18, 2007

Olmert in Moscow

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert arrived in Moscow today for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We know how concerned you are about the situation surrounding the Iranian nuclear program. I am ready to share the results of my visit,” Putin told Olmert just prior to start of their meeting (AP, 18 October). Putin was in Tehran on Tuesday.

I’ll be “glad to hear from you about the results of your trip to Iran,” Olmert responded.

The Kremlin has not yet issued any details of the meeting underway in Moscow.

In a related development, Israel’s presidential office released a sharply-worded statement by Shimon Peres, “Many times in history it was too late to prevent horrors and bloodshed, for instance with Stalin and Hitler. We are nearing a similar turn of events with Ahmadinejad” (UPI, 18 october).

Earlier, Peres had warned that Iran was “seeking to develop nuclear weapons for the purpose of war and death” (Ha'aretz, 18 October).

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