Sunday, April 22, 2007

No Suspension!

Iran ruled out suspension of its enrichment program ahead of talks with the EU. Ali Larijani, Iran’s chief negotiator, is scheduled to meet Javier Solana, EU’s foreign policy chief, next Wednesday. The suspension of uranium enrichment has been the chief demand of the EU.

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman said today that halting uranium suspension is “definitely deleted from the literature of Iran’s nuclear program.”

Also today the Russian contractor building Bushehr nuclear reactor said that it has signed a protocol with Iran outlining measures to guarantee future payments for the project. The company, Atomstroiexport, did not say when it will restart the construction work. Published reports earlier in the week had indicated that until the issue of Iran’s enrichment program and its standoff with the UN is resolved, the Russian company will not restart its work at Bushehr even if it resolves its financial disputes with Iran.

Referring to UN Security Council resolutions against Iran, the Israeli premier Ehud Olmert said today that there is a possibility to stop Iran from going nuclear without a military operation. He said Iran was far from crossing the nuclear threshold.

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