Sunday, April 29, 2007

Has the Countdown Begun?

On Saturday we carried a report on Israeli Premier Edhud Olmert threatening Iran with firing 1,000 Tomahawk missiles in a 10-day strike against the country’s nuclear installations. Later that day an Israeli government spokesman denied that Olmert had made the statement in an interview with the German magazine Focus. Today the Focus editors told the Israeli Ynet News that the text of the interview circulated on the websites was correct and they stand by their initial reporting and the interview will be published on Monday as scheduled. It seems that the Israeli leader had indeed threatened Iran with a devastating missile attack.

Ynet today also published an op-ed piece by Orli Azulay titled “Countdown Has Begun.” In the article Azulay argues that the new US intelligence information leaked to and broadcast by CBS News that Iran is making accelerated progress in developing its first atomic bomb is part of a plan to attack Iran. When the intelligence information was revealed to CBS (see the entry on Friday 27 April on this blog), the senior Pentagon officials were quoted as saying that now there will be more pressure on Israel to carry out a preemptive strike on Iran.

Less than two days since the broadcast by CBS, the Israeli Prime Minister outlines the possibility of such an attack, 1000 Tomahawk missiles fired over 10 days.

As Ynet article has put it, the countdown for attacking Iran might have begun.

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