Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Iran and the West Are Reaching a Compromise

Reports from the Western capitals this afternoon indicate that a compromise with Iran over the uranium enrichment standoff is on the making. The diplomats and Western government officials have told the Associated Press that during the Larijani-Solana talks tomorrow in Ankara, the West would allow Iran to keep some of its uranium enrichment programs intact.

If Iran can pursue some degree of enrichment activities, the leaders in Tehran will be able to save face and sign a nuclear agreement with the West. The two sides could agree to the double suspension of UN sanctions and most of Iranian enrichment activities until a final and comprehensive nuclear agreement between Iran and EU could be reached. The US government and the UN Security Council are expected to sign off on the proposed compromise.

What parts of the enrichment program Iran would be able to keep is unclear this afternoon. However, it is expected that the West would accept a scientific and research-based enrichment program by Iran.

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