Monday, February 9, 2009

Obama on Iran

President Barak Obama in his press conference tonight made two important observations with policy implications on Iran: Iran is expected to send signals in the coming weeks on her intention to normalize relations with US, and Iran should stop pursuit of nuclear weapons.

Asking Iran to send the right signals in the coming weeks is in line with Obama’s campaign promises that he would prefer a civilized dialogue between the two countries to resolve the outstanding issues. Obama’s reference to Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons was noteworthy. He must have seen reports during these past weeks convincing him that Iran was actually planning to build the bomb.

Considering these two points by President Obama, it seems that Iran is expected in the coming weeks to send strong signals to the US on its nuclear intentions and program.


Anonymous said...

Nobody bullshits better than an American bullshitter.

And no American bullshits better than Biden.

The protection from Iran is right up there with WMD, anthrax from Iraq, Iraq and al Queda, the Atta meeting with Iraqi intelligence, on and on and steaming pile of American bullshit after another...

Of course, the Coca Cola whores of Eastern Europe lap up American bullshit like it was mana from heaven.

Anonymous said...

Are you Uskowi nostalgic for the crimminal and murderer Shah?

Anonymous said...

So Uskowi you are impressed with propoganda, lets see what Biden forgot shall we

Biden forget to mention NATO's glorious victory in Kosovo when he said this:

"For example, the United States will not recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia as independent states. We will not recognize a sphere of influence. It will remain our view that sovereign states have the right to make their own decisions and choose their own alliances."

Must have slipped his mind?

Anonymous said...

The Russian foreign minister just announced that Russia will allow the US to transship non-military supplies to its troops in Afghanistan. Now something major must have been granted to Russia in return for that! Similarly, Iran is offering to help train and support Afghani government forces. Surely, they would not be doing this if they thought that Biden really spoke for US intentions.

Get over the idea that the US can dictate its own course in the world. It's not uni-polar anymore.

Nader Uskowi said...

Dear Anonymous

Your comments are mostly related to Vice President Biden. My post here did not discuss Mr. Biden. You probably meant to post those comments on another blog.

Kemjika said...

Obama will barely be able to outmaneuvre Iran...believe that. ALl this talk is what it is-talk. Pakistan will overwhelm Obama. Pakistan is going to be every western military and intelligences' nightmare. Iran will only consolidate its power, and will probably not give up its criticals - Hezbollah and the nuclear program. Hamas is a tool, and Iran has no deep vested interest in sacrificing itself for it. If the US gives a good offer, Iran will drop Hamas.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nader,

It does seem a little naive to interpret the words of Barrack Obama as if he were incapable of telling a lie. Couldn't he just be continuing classic American policy of using disinformation as a tool of pressuring Iran?


Nader Uskowi said...

Masoud jan,

I believe it is best to give the new president a chance to start a civilized dialogue with Iran. I certainly hope that the government of Iran is not dealing with the change in the White House as negatively as you guys are. This might be the best chance in a very long time to regulate the relations between the two countries in a mutually acceptable way. We should not accept that the status que should prevail forever, only to prove our idelogical correctness.

Thanks for your comments, as always.


Anonymous said...

Nader Agha,

One man's negativity is another's realism. I hope that Iran approaches any moves by the new Washington regime with an abundance of caution; Obama is clearly not a man to be underestimated.

While i can't claim to speak for all the assorted Anonymi that browse this blog, I certainly hope that such precautions turn out to be wholly unnecessary and the rose-colored-lenses industry ends up leading the world economy out of it's current recession.



Great post as always

Anonymous said...

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The Rooster said...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Iranian citizens, have no illusions about what exactly the U.S. and the west want from Iran. And that is a client regime such as we have with Mubarak or Abdullah of Jordan. Perhaps you believe Iran is not susceptible to such machinations. Maybe not. But that is the U.S. goal and the process is not always dramatic like the fall of Allende vs Pinochet. It can be gradual, insidious as in Egypt. Nasser was no one's puppet. Sadat started off very independent, but Mubarak is a bought and paid for puppy from the pet store. There was no coup in Egypt to bring this about, yet it happened.

The entire nuclear issue is as much about the assertion of dominance as it is about nukes themselves. The U.S. wants to be the lone arbiter of who may possess technology and who may not. Iran will always be in the "may not" column. Ask yourself why does Saudi Arabia not have a nuclear research program? Why is Egypt not enriching Uranium? Why have neither ever launched a satellite into space? There is no shortage of smart people in either country. But they have accepted American (and Israeli) dominance. For that, their leaders are allowed to rule. And yet neither is any closer to democracy than Iran. Egypt is certainly no closer to economic recovery, despite billions in U.S. "aid."

In short, the U.S. will never allow Iran's economic development if it is not part of the program.

Now, if that is what Iran wants, none of us here have the right to insist it do otherwise. But make sure you understand the choice you are making.