Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Defense Minister: Production of more Saegeh jets

From Fars News Agency:

Iran has produced a number of the domestically-grown 'Saeqeh' (Thunderbolt) jets so far, Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said here on Sunday.

Speaking to FNA on the sidelines of "Innovation and Flourishing Festival", Najjar referred to the production of more Saeqeh jets by Iranian defense industries, and said, "Production of domestic jets is one of the important achievements of Iran that should be appreciated."

Recalling the launch of Saeqeh production line, he said that the latest achievements and equipment developed by Iranian experts have been employed in the new generation of the fighter jet.

Saeqeh, a joint product of the Iranian Air Force and the Defense Ministry, went on display as part of the Iranian air force's fleet during the military parades on the Army Day earlier this year.


Anonymous said...

To all Iranian citizens, congratulations on the successful launch of the communication satellite. Well done and your scienctist will be an inspiration to all developing world.

Kemjika said...

I know! I'm very proud that a country like Iran, despite the sanctions, is still breaking bounds. We probably should thank the Russians and Chinese too, for they have helped. Good job Iran!