Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Iran Air Force on Full Alert

Iranian Air Force was put on full alert today in the wake of the continued Israeli raids on Gaza. IRIAF Commander Brig. Gen. Hassan Shah-Safi told reporters in Tehran that the ongoing situation in the Middle East has prompted the Iranian military to take necessary measures to ensure readiness in the event of the country becoming the target of an attack.


Jesse Aizenstat said...

Why would they do this? Do you think that Iran thinks Israel might strike?

More likely, it seems to be part of the psychological political dance of the Persians.

Jesse Aizenstat

Nader Uskowi said...


If not the entire government, but at least the armed forces must be taking seriously the prospect of an Israeli attack on the county’s nuclear facilities. As unlikely as it seems, the Israeli raids over Gaza are seen as a possible start of a widening Middle East conflict that can end up with an attack on Iran, with or without US support.

The prospect of an Israeli attack has always been used by the Iranian government as part of its psychological operations to rally the public behind it.


Kemjika said...

At the moment, i think Israel's threat to Iran is a bit passive considering Iran's military has been on alert for a while now, and will probably know when Israel's jets take off to attack Iran's nuclear program. Vigilance is a part of the IRGC's ideology, so they are just taking precautions.

Anonymous said...

I would say do you honestly beleive that Isreal cares what freaking status Irans on? All you can do other than throw empty threats is to throw rocks. Sling shot maybe?