Saturday, September 6, 2008

IRIN Submarine Upgrades

From PressTV:

Iran is upgrading its naval fleet with a new generation of domestically-built submarines in an attempt to defend its territorial waters.

Iran's Chief Navy Commander, Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, said Saturday that the semi-heavy Qaa'em submarine is equipped with torpedoes and naval mines.
According to Rear Adm. Sayyari, the smart long-range Qaa'em submarine is also capable of carrying out both 'defensive and offensive operations'.

The announcement of the new addition to the Iranian naval fleet comes shortly after reports that a large armada of US and European warships has been deployed to the Persian Gulf in an unprecedented build-up.

Shortly after the release of the report in August, Iran warned that its naval forces are monitoring all movements in the Persian Gulf.

The Iranian commander said Saturday that Iran is the only regional country capable of developing such sophisticated technology, adding that the Islamic Republic is fully prepared to defend its territorial waters with its self-sufficient military.

Fars news is reporting that Iran will be producing 1000+ ton submarines.

Iran’s armed forces and media continue to put forth a steady stream of military related information, countering media reports in the West revolving around potential strikes against the Islamic Republic. This will continue until such a time as a diplomatic solution is finally derived, or there occurs an outbreak of open war.

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