Monday, May 28, 2007

Russia Warns Iran

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Kislyak said today that Iran’s failure to comply with UN resolutions is “deeply disappointing.” Kislyak told Interfax news agency that Iran should reconsider its position while there is still a chance to resolve the problem through dialogue.


Anonymous said...

Dear Nader;
The Russian game over Iran is amusing. The Russians are in loggerhead with the Americans over their global energy policy and Iran is a key component of this fight. I wounder what is going on with the Russians and Iranians that the Russians are giving this warning all of a sudden. Is it because Iran is not behaving on the energy front in the way the Russians like? Is it that the Iranians are warming up their relationship with the Americans and the Iraq meeting is a sign of it and because of this warming up the Russians are telling Iranians that they will not support them any longer? I don't really know and understand why the warning is given at this point in time. You are probably aware that the negotiations over the "peace pipeline" between Iran,Pakistan and India has started in Tehran eversince yesterday. Is this warning in any way related to that? It seems like Russia should welcome the pipeline negotiation as establishment of this pipeline will further curb the American influence over energy supply to India and Chian! So tell me why the warning? One last thing that comes to mind is that the Russians and the Americans have come to terms with each other and the Russians are therefore giving this warning in coordination with their U.S. counter part. This last option in my opinion is highly unlikely as there are so many things that need to be worked out between the Russians and Americans that it will take quite along time to have reach such agreements and thereby establish a united front against Iran. Unless Russians have been made aware of serious U.S. threat of invasion that makes the job defending Iran's territoral integrity impossible then in it simply does not make sense for the Russians to give this warning now.

Nader Uskowi said...

Thanks much for the comments. They are thought-provoking observations. I believe the Russians are very concerned of a possible US attack on Iran without their prior consent or knowledge. To tame the US, they might be going along with a tough economic sanction regime. The recent warning was not published in Iran nor did it get any coverage in the West, but I believe it is serious. Tehran needs to change its behavior, even the Russians are saying.