Sunday, May 13, 2007

Police Stops Women at Airports for un-Islamic Dress

Iranian police are preventing women from boarding domestic and international flights for bad hijab, non-compliance with Islamic dress code. An airport police spokesman announced that 50 women have been stopped at airports and prevented from traveling for wearing un-Islamic dress.

The airport police also have issued some 17,000 warnings against women for not fully wearing the veil and have forced 850 of them to sign a written pledge to wear the veil in the correct Islamic form in future. The police have referred 130 cases of bad hijab to the judiciary for prosecution. The police in Tehran have formed 50 new police squads solely to enforce Islamic dress.

The nation-wide campaign against the women and the youth for wearing non-Islamic dress is dubbed in Orwellian terms such as the campaign to uphold social values. The fundamentalist majority in Majlis also is planning to introduce a bill creating national uniforms for both men and women that would comply with Islamic teachings.

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